A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A small town with an urban legend about a dead serial killer. Six adventurous kids. What could go wrong? This game has branching choices, but only one end. Assuming you don't get killed along the way, that is.

The game in its present state branches along the way, but has one final ending.

An entry for Scream Jam 2019, made with a team of three. Jen on art, FutureLoser on music and SFX. I was meant to be on story and character art, but wound up not having time to draw the sprites. So this isn't quite a visual novel, but it does have some lovely pixel backgrounds to enjoy while you read.

Warning: This game contains descriptions of violent acts performed against pre-teen aged children.

Double Warning: While Linux and Mac dists are provided, they have not been tested. No guarantees they'll perform well. 

Triple Warning: No guarantees the Windows version will perform without errors either. I didn't have time to fully test every route for bugs. Feel free to drop a comment if you run into a problem, and I'll get on fixing it.


Linux Build 33 MB
Mac Build 27 MB
Windows Build 28 MB

Development log


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I recognized three, I wasn't sure about the purple one in the tophat.

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Ah, I see. Haven't seen the show, but he's a cute little guy.